HIETORI (Detox) Series Yasan Wild Silk Thin Toe Socks

The first and most important layer is made of wild silkworms, and thin type for wearing in many layers.

We used 100% tussah silk (wild silkworms = silkworms flying around in the fields), which is neither dyed nor bleached, to make socks that are extremely comfortable to wear.

It has a subdued luster and a refreshing raw texture slightly like hemp.

They are not as smooth as "spun silk," which is made from ordinary silk (silkworms kept indoors). Please experience the warmth and hidden wild power that only wild silkworms can provide.

These socks are used as the first layer of socks to practice "HIETORI (detox health method)". This is a thin type suitable for layering.

<Product details>

Product name: HIETORI(detox) Series Yasan Silk Thin Toe Socks

Size: Free

Color: Unbleached and undyed

Country of origin: Japan 

Place of material production: Aichi

Knitting factory: Nara

Sewing factory: Nara

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