• ORIME 【片足】HIETORIシリーズ ウール5本指靴下横着用写真

【One Pair】HIETORI (Detox) Series Wool Toe Socks

Only one sock is available.

Click here to purchase a pair.

High quality 100% Japanese Wool Toe Socks

Perfect to wear over silk or wild silk socks!

High quality 100% Japanese Wool Toe Socks

Made of high quality Japanese wool. Smooth, fluffy and warm.

Designed to look like a cutout to eliminate pressure from the elastic at cuff.

We do not use nylon, polyurethane, or other synthetic fibers as much as possible.

These socks are used as a second layer of socks for "HIETORI (detox)" therapy.

<Product details>

Product name: HIETORI Series Wool Toe Socks

Size: Free

Color: Ecru

Country of origin: Japan 

Place of material production: Osaka Prefecture

Dyeing factory: Osaka Prefecture

Knitting factory: Nara Prefecture

Sewing factory: Nara Prefecture

  • ¥1,100

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