Sarai 100% Wool Leggings

While it is 100% wool,
but you would never know it,

thinness, stretchy and lightness

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This product is made in response to a customer's request for a thin legging. The fabric is about halfway between tights and leggings. They are knitted using a special machine and manufacturing method based on cutting-edge technology.

Wool that stretches very well but does not contain any synthetic fibers

Please experience the outstanding comfort of wearing.

You can wear it at relaxing time or wear it under your denim. You can also wear it show off because of its beauty of the silhouette.

*You can easily change the waist elastic of this product by yourself.

Flat size (unit: cm)


Pants length95.5

Waist width30

Inseam Length77


Pants Length100.2

Waist width32

Inseam Length79

〈Product Details〉

Product Name:【Newly Developed Product】High-tech Sarari wool leggings
Size: S, M
Color: Dark gray
Country of origin: Japan
Place of material production: Chiba Prefecture
Dyeing factory: Nagano Prefecture
Knitting factory: Chiba Prefecture
Sewing factory: Yamanashi Prefecture

  • ¥22,300

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