Authentic British Kilt Skirt Royal Stewart

*This product is made to order and will take some time to be delivered after payment.

We order a traditional Scottish Kilt Skirt directly from the long-established brand "LOCHCARRON". This skirt is made of delicate and durable Scottish wool, and will last a lifetime. Enjoy the established elegant fashion. The rolled skirt allows for fine adjustments, and if your body shape changes significantly, you can adjust the size by shifting the position of the belt. Please allow two months for delivery, as we place the order with Scotland after receiving your order. We can take your order if you tell us your size, but if you want to choose your own pattern or measure your size in our store, please come to our atelier in Kamakura.

*The actual fabric samples(about 30 design patters) are available at our atelier in Kamakura, so if you would like to see them in person, please contact us using the "Inquiry Form".

  • ¥63,800