Yuzen paper gift box, Matcha green tea

The paper used for the box is Yuzen paper, and the pattern is called Karakusa Botan, which is a traditional pattern with a name.

Please use our special gift box option with ORIME Products packaged in the beautiful Yuzen box for your someone special.

Some use it as a treasure box for themselves.

Yuzen paper is a paper printed with traditional patterns of Yuzen-dyed Kimonos those became popular during the Edo period.

At that time, there was a prohibition against extravagance for the common people called the "Shashi Kinshirei", and Kimonos with gaudy decorations such as gold and silver were prohibited.

Taking advantage of this situation, Yuzen dyeing was invented, and it quickly spread among the common people as it was able to evade the Shogunate's prohibition and combine delicacy and vividness in a painting-like pattern.

  • ¥4,200