About ORIME's"wool"material

Wool is one of the most functional natural materials that is heat-retaining, hygroscopic, quick-drying and stretchy.

The quality of wool material varies.

Compare the products on the market, even with the same wool
You may have noticed that the texture is completely different.

The quality of wool is related to the fineness of the fibers. Wool with rough and uneven fibers
It is rough and has a prickly texture and is not smooth.

Choosing and using such wool just because it is cheap will hurt your skin.

There is a number called"Micron"that represents the fineness of wool.
In this brand, the value of Micron is small,
I try to use only those that can be worn on my bare skin.

We will continue to promise to use only the finest wool, which has a texture close to that of downy hair.