《New product》3D Socks 100% Yasan Wild Silk (For one layer wearing)

Three-dimensional design that fully calculates the shape of the ankle

The most impressive close contact ever!

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These socks are made of unbleached and undyed wild silk, which is very popular as a standard product for “Hietori(detox) socks health method”.

We made this sock in response to a request from a customer who wanted to make a sock that could be used for everyday wear.

The reason why these socks are so comfortable to wear even though without any synthetic fibers is because they are specially knitted with the specific Three-dimensional design using a WHOLEGARMENT machine. The result is a seamless finish that follows the shape of the ankle.

Please try them on for yourself and see how comfortable they are.

*Charcoal is a botanical dye using pomegranate and cedarwood. The antibacterial and deodorizing effects are further enhanced.

<Product details>

Product name: 《New product》3D Socks 100% Yasan Wild Silk (For one layer wearing)

Size: 23~24.5cm

Color: Unbleached and Undyed/Charcoal(botanical dye)

Country of origin: Japan 

Place of material production: Aichi Prefecture

Sewing factory: Yamanashi Prefecture

  • ¥5,680

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