100% Superfine Silk Smooth Dress

Elegant yet cute

An excellent item that can be used for both loungewear and going-out wear.

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A dress version Relaxing wear made of 100% high quality silk smooth material. Try out the luster and blissful touch that only carefully selected silk materials can provide.

Just by wearing it on holidays, off-duty time on weekdays, or during long vacations, you can enjoy supreme relaxation. Loungewear during the day can be nightwear just by lying down on bed. As silk is highly effective in detoxifying your body, it enhances your recovery during your sleeping hours.

It can also be used as a going-out outfit because it is loose but trendy. 

This item will also make a great gift for someone special.

<Size categories (cm)>

[Size S] Height: 150-160 / Bust: 73-83 / Waist: 58-68 / Hips: 80-90 / Number: 7-8

[Size M] Height: 150~160 / Bust: 80~90 / Waist: 63~73 / Hips: 85~95 / Size: 9~10

Country of origin: Japan 

Place of material production: Kyoto Prefecture

Dyeing factory: Kyoto Prefecture

Knitting factory: Kyoto Prefecture

Sewing factory: Fukushima Prefecture

  • ¥59,950

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