100% Yasan Wild Silk Mask (single item)

*Because it is a cloth mask, it is washable and good for repeated use.

*As it is made of 100% silk that prevents static electricity and it does not make you feel harder to breath even for long usage.

*Safe to use for people with weak skin (people who get itchy from ordinary masks).

High quality natural fibers allow air to flow through the mask, making it easy to breathe.

*Recommended for use as a mask for sleeping or to protect mucous membranes in dry places such as airplanes.

The front side is made of strong "wild silkworm silk," which is used in cold socks.

The side that touches your lips is made of "silk jersey," the material used for the leggings loved by loyal customers for many years for its superbly comfortable touch.

Wild silk (Yasan) is characterized by its resistance to puncturing, durability, lightness to the touch, warmth and moisture retention, and high water absorption and quick-drying properties.

Silk jersey is so smooth and slippery that everyone is fascinated by it. Silk jersey is also excellent at retaining heat and moisture and absorbing water and drying quickly.

*Charcoal botanical dyed Mask uses Yasan wild silk for both the front and back.

Yasan Wild Silk is a material that ORIME is particular about.

It is made from a cocoon collected from a silkworm flying around in the field, and is neither bleached nor dyed.

Although it is silk, it is durable and has strong detoxifying power.


It is reversible and the size can be adjusted behind the ears.

The clasp for adjusting the length of the string is made of natural "shell".

The size is free for both men and women. (Length 16.5cm, width 18cm)

  • ¥3,200

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