Torori Highest Quality Silk Leggings

"Ecstasy for the every day..."

Once you touch it immediately blissed with Superb comfort that merges with your skin.

Ultimate softness that you won't even know that you're wearing.

The ultimate leggings that couldn't be more comfortable.

They protect your skin from air conditioning in summer and cold in winter. These are the ultimate leggings with excellent functions in warmth retention, moisture retention, water absorption and moisture release.

Since the days of ORIME's predecessor brand, CURAstyle, they have gained tremendous support.

With the opening of ORIME in the spring of 2020, we have renewed the design. In response to customer requests, we have changed the use of the waist elastic from one elastic to two to distribute the pressure, and we have also used a double layer of fabric to strengthen the crotch gusset.

*Details of Torori Highest Quality Silk Leggings See here

<Size categories (cm) >

[Size S] Height: 150~160 / Bust: 73~83 / Waist: 58~68 / Hips: 80~90 / Number: 7~8

[Size M] Height: 150-160 / Bust: 80-90 / Waist: 63-73 / Hips: 85-95 / Size: 9-10

[Size L] Height: 158-170 / Bust: 85-95 / Waist: 68-78 / Hips: 90-100 / Size: 11-12

  • ¥32,910

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