Standard Product Wool leggings (long seller)

Wool leggings with the ultimate comfort

The special item to provide you happiness just by touching them

These luxurious leggings are made of 100% extra fine merino wool, the highest quality wool available.

The leggings are made using a unique pattern that we have researched and developed, and they are very comfortable to wear without tightening pressure, and that makes so popular with our customers.

The leggings wrap the lower part of the body completely and softly, and are highly breathable while retaining heat. The fibers are so fine and smooth that they feel good against the skin, giving you happiness just by touching them.

Another reason for its high performance is that it does not easily form pilling. They are the best in terms of softness, warmth, and comfort.

At the opening of ORIME in spring 2020, the design has been renewed. In response to customer requests, we have changed the use of the elastic waistband from one to two elastic strips in order to distribute the pressure.

You can easily change the waist elastic of this product by yourself.

<Size categories (cm)>

[Size S] Height: 150~160 / Bust: 73~83 / Waist: 58~68 / Hips: 80~90 / Number: 7~8

[Size M] Height: 150-160 / Bust: 80-90 / Waist: 63-73 / Hips: 85-95 / Size: 9-10

[Size L] Height: 158-170 / Bust: 85-95 / Waist: 68-78 / Hips: 90-100 / Size: 11-12

Flat size (unit: cm)

<S Size>

Pants length(Aside, top to bottom) 96.5

Waist width (half body) 28

Inseam Length 73

<M Size>

Pants Length 99.5

Waist width 32

Inseam length 76

<L Size>

Pants Length 102.5

Waist width 36

Inseam length 79

<Product Details>

Product Name: Wool Leggings Basic

Size: S, M, L

Color: Olive

Country of origin: Japan

Place of material production: Osaka Prefecture

Dyeing factory: Osaka Prefecture

Knitting factory: Niigata Prefecture

Sewing factory: Niigata Prefecture

  • ¥19,930

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