Yasan 100% Wild Silk

Yasan 100% Wild Silk

About Wild Silk (yasan)

Wild silk moths in nature are called wild silk moths, as opposed to domestic silk moths that are bred for breeding.

Wild silk is a rare item that is not well recognized and difficult to obtain.
At ORIME, we pay attention to its outstanding functionality and actively use it.

In general, silk has high heat retention, while wild silk have higher heat retention, durability and longevity.
It has a powerful power derived from nature, and is said to have a higher ability to pull poison (detoxification) than ordinary silk.

In order to further improve durability, we have a lineup of"natural"colors that are not dyed or bleached at all, and "charcoal"colors that are dyed with plants to enhance the antibacterial and deodorant effect.

It is a material with a lot of enthusiastic fans because of its crisp and unique comfortable touch and the simple quality that floats in the matte texture with a modest luster.